Being a sperm donor is a long term commitment.  It is not a one-time donation.    We normally get our donors from the local Medical Schools or Medical Resident programs and Colleges or by referral from current donors.  The specimens are used for artificial insemination or other fertility procedure for couples or individuals that wish to have a child but are not able to do so without a sperm donor.  Our screening and testing process are put in place to assure that our donors are healthy and have a good family medical history, education, and physical characteristics. The specimens are analyzed and screened before and after they are frozen to ensure high quality specimens. 

Initial requirements for Sperm Donation

  • Age 20-38
  • Height of 5'8" or taller
  • Currently attending or have graduated with a 4-year college degree or higher
  • Healthy
  • Live within the Detroit Metropolitan area

If you meet these initial requirements for being a sperm donor please submit your application to  If your application is reviewed and we are in need of donors that match the information that you provide we will contact you via email to set up the initial screening process.  The initial screening is to determine the quality of the semen specimens before and after the freezing process.  If the initial screening process goes well then we will move on to a more extensive screening process. Potential donors will have physical examinations that will include drawing blood to test for infectious diseases on a regular basis.  It also includes genetic screening, examination of family medical histories and additional information that you will be asked to provide on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in becoming a sperm donor please apply now.

Click apply now link above to complete a donor application form.  The application can be emailed to or faxed to 248-397-8449 it can also be mailed.

Please feel free to contact our lab for further information