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In order to view short profile, click on the donor code link below. Short profiles are in PDF format. If the profiles will not open, you may need to download Adobe Reader.  You can do this by clicking on the Adobe Reader box below right. Please note that the following list is sorted by blood type and alphabetically within that blood type.

When you narrow your selection to a few donors that you are interested in, you can call us to purchase the donor’s extended profile if you would like additional information on the donor.  The profiles contain a more detailed description of the donor, a detailed medical history, additional information regarding special interests and hobbies and a physical description of their immediate family members.  We do not provide photos of the donors.  

Please click on the link to learn more about CMV and to view the CMV status of the donor. If the donor is on the CMV list then this indicates that he has tested CMV total positive meaning he has been exposed at some time in his past.   This is important step if your physician has indicated they want you to select a CMV negative donor.

Click here to view: TDI Specimen Quality Sheet (a PDF document download)

* = Limited, please call for availability       •• = Geographically limited, NOT available in Michigan

CodeICIIUIART ICIART IUIProfession TypeEyesHairTextureHgtWgt Ethnicity
A033 NO NO YES* YES Law Student A+ Brown Brown Straight 5'10" 165 German, Scottish, English
A644 YES NO YES YES College Professor A+ Hazel Brown Wavy 5'11" 180 German, Australian, British
CC97 YES YES YES* YES* Medical Student A+ Blue Brown Wavy 6'1" 165 German, English, Danish
GG65 NO NO YES YES Student Screen Arts Culture A+ Brown Dk Brown Wavy 6'0" 185 Mexican, German
HH18 YES NO NO YES* Medical Student A+ Green Dk. Brown Wavy/curly 5'10" 165 Dutch, German
JJ08 YES NO YES* YES Business Sales A+ Brown Brown Straight 6'0" 210 Italian, German,Dutch
M276 YES YES YES YES Medical Resident A+ Blue Brown Straight 5'10" 175 Italian, English, Hungarian
N562 YES NO YES YES Art Illustator A+ Blue Blonde Sl. Curly 6'1" 160 German, Polish, British
NN36 YES YES NO NO Dental Student A+ Green Black Sl. Wavy 6'0" 178 Irish, English, German, Welsh, Polish
P655 NO NO NO YES Medical Student A+ Hazel Green Brown/Auburn Wavy 6'4" 200 Danish, English, Scottish, Irish
SS62 NO NO YES YES Teacher Administrator A+ Brown Dk Brown Straight 6'0" 200 German, Polish
SS70 YES YES NO NO Medical Student A+ Brown Dk Brown Sl Curly 6'0" 165 Jewish, Eastern European
T686 NO NO NO YES Business Design A+ Hazel / Brown Dk Brown Sl. Wavy 6'0" 175 English, Spanish, Hungarian
YY73 YES YES YES YES Teacher Grad Student A+ Brown Brown Wavy 5'9" 160 Italian, Russian, Prussian, German
YY88 NO YES NO NO PhD Student Engineering A+ Brown Dk Brown Wavy 5'11" 174 Persian
Z880 YES YES NO YES* Student A+ Brown Black Curly 5'11" 185 African American,  1/4 English
ZZ75 YES NO YES* NO Medical Resident A+ Brown Black Straight 5'10" 150 Chinese
D124 YES YES YES NO Computer Analyst A- Brown Auburn Wavy 5'9" 158 Irish, English, Scottish
F654 YES NO YES NO District Manager A- Blue Light Brown Straight 5'11" 180 German, Swedish, Irish
FF77 YES NO NO NO Advertising A- Hazel / Green Dk Brown Straight 5'10" 165 Swedish, Polish, Hungarian
KK29 YES YES YES* YES* PhD Student Physics/ Graduate Teacher A- Brown Black Straight 5'11" 155 Iranian
LL50 NO YES NO YES* Business Student A- Brown Black Straight 5'10" 165 Lebanese
TT44 NO NO YES NO C.R.N.A. Student A- Brown  Black Straight 6'0" 175 Macedonian, Greek
Z179 NO NO YES YES* Physician AB+ Brown Black Curly 5'11" 150 African American,       1/4 French (Caucasian)
A534 YES YES NO NO Biology/Genetics Student B+ Brown Brown Wavy 6'0" 200 Italian, German, Irish, Polish, Native American
C249 NO NO YES YES Medical Resident B+ Brown Brown Straight 5'10" 160 German, Irish, Polish
F198 NO N0 YES YES* Mechanical Engineer B+ Blue Green Blonde Straight 6'3" 200 German, English, Finnish
F292 YES NO YES YES Teacher B+ Hazel/ Green Brown Straight 5'10" 160 Swedish, Dutch, Czechoslovakian, French Canadian, Belgian, Swiss
G514 YES YES YES YES* Computer Analyst B+ Brown Light Brown Wavy 5'11" 180 English, Polish, Italian, Austrian, Ukrainian
JJ63 NO YES YES* YES Graduate Student B+ Blue Dark Brown Wavy 5'9" 150 Israeli, Dutch
K478 NO NO YES YES Medical Resident B+ Brown Black Sl. Wavy 5'11" 170 Korean, English, Scottish
NN53 YES YES NO NO 3rd Year Medical Student B+ Brown Brown Wavy 5'10" 185 Irish, Italian, Polish
ZZ20 YES NO NO NO Graduate Student B+ Brown Black Straight 5'10" 155 Chinese
B103 NO YES NO YES* Writer Entrepreneur O+ Blue Light Brown Curly 6'2" 200 German, Austrian, Lithuanian, Polish
BB28 YES NO YES YES Computer Programmer O+ Blue Blonde Wavy 6'6" 240 German, Dutch, Welsh, British
C628 NO NO YES* YES Physician O+ Green Brown Staight 6'5" 201 German, Welsh, English, Czechoslovakian
CC74 YES NO NO NO Medical Student O+ Blue Blonde / Auburn Wavy 5'10" 155 English, Czechoslovakian
CC88 NO NO YES YES Medical Student O+ Blue Blonde Straight 6'2" 190 French, German, Irish
D630 YES NO YES YES Student Computer Info O+ Hazel Blue Brown Wavy 6'0" 210 Belgian, German,Italian
D993 YES YES NO NO Student Mechanical Engineer O+ Hazel Brown Sl Curly 5'10" 185 German, Polish,Czechoslovakian, Irish
EE45 NO NO NO YES* Physician O+ Hazel Green Light Brown Straight 6'0" 180 German, English, French
F378 YES NO NO NO Business Sales O+ Blue Blonde Wavy 6'1" 190 English, German, Dutch
FF73 YES NO NO NO Account Executive O+ Blue Light Brown Sl. Wavy 6'1" 190 Irish, Scottish, German, English
G691 YES YES YES* YES* Aerospace Engineer O+ Hazel Brown Straight 5'9" 175 Swedish, English
LL22 YES YES YES YES Engineering Student O+ Blue / Green Brown Wavy 5'10" 170 British, German, Scottish, Welsh
M801 YES NO NO YES* Sustainable Living Logistics O+ Green Lt Brown Auburn Wavy 6'6" 195 English, Scandinavian, Polish, Slavakian
P312 YES YES NO NO C.R.N.A. Student O+ Brown Brown Wavy Curly 6'0" 185 Irish,Scottish,English, Polish
PP13 YES YES YES YES Drafting O+ Brown Dk Brown Wavy 6'0" 190 German, Italian
PP41 YES NO NO YES Crim. Justice Student O+ Brown Dk Brown Curly 6'4" 225 Albanian
PP80 YES NO YES YES Medical Resident O+ Brown Red Wavy 5'10" 160 Irish, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, English
V233 NO YES NO NO Physical Therapist O+ Dk Black Wavy 5'11" 165 Indian (Asian)
V832 YES NO YES NO Medical Resident O+ Brown Dk Brown Straight 5'9" 150 Indian (Asian)
VV59 NO YES NO YES* Graduate Student O+ Brown Black Straight 5'10" 170 Indian (Asian)
W423•• YES NO YES YES Mechanical Engineer O+ Hazel / Blue Blonde Wavy 6'0" 164 English, Irish, Lithuanian
W571 Yes Yes Yes No Electrical Engineer O+ Blue Dk. Brown Wavy/Curly 5'11" 220 Scottish, French, English, Portuguese
WW44 YES YES NO YES* Student Real Estate Investments O+ Brown Dk Brown Wavy 5'10" 185 Italian, 1/8 Egyptian
Z374 NO NO YES YES Medical Student O+ Brown Black Curly 5'9" 180 African Amer. 1/8 French,  1/8 English
ZZ18 NO YES NO NO Mech. Engineer Student O+ Brown Black Straight 5'8" 140 Chinese
A322 YES NO NO NO Graduate Student O- Blue Green Light Brown Wavy 5'10" 175 English,French Canadian
AA83 NO NO NO YES* Financial Controller O- Blue Light Brown Wavy 5'10" 170 Scottish, English, Danish, French
B296 NO NO YES YES Medical Resident O- Brown Brown Straight 5'10" 180 Scottish, Irish,  German,Swiss
CC22 NO NO YES YES Medical Student O- Brown Dk Brown Wavy 6'0" 155 Irish, German
D711 YES NO NO NO Robotics Engineer O- Blue Light Brown Wavy 6'2" 175 German, Scottish, English, Irish, French
EE56 YES YES NO NO Medical Student O- Brown Dk Brown Straight 5'10" 150 Eastern European Jewish
G463 YES YES YES* YES* Dental Student O- Brown Dk Brown Wavy 5'8" 143 Russian Jewish