Ordering Donor Specimens

We only ship specimens directly to a physician's office. We do not ship specimens to a patient's home. Prior to ordering specimens for the first time, patients must sign a TDI client purchase agreement and return the original signed document by mail prior to placing an order for donor specimens. If you need to place an order soon please fax or email a copy of the completed form prior to mailing it to us.   If your physician has not previously utilized donor specimens from our facility, the physician will need to sign a physician purchase agreement and complete a TDI Physician account information sheet regarding shipping and billing information. The physician's documents must be returned via fax or mail prior to the date the specimens are to be shipped.  Click on the links above to download and print the client and physician agreements and the account information form.

Note: All requests for donor specimens must be phoned in. Do not fax or email orders.

The patients will need to supply the following information when placing an order...

  1. The code number of the donor selected.
  2. The type of specimens needed. Washed (IUI) specimens for intra-uterine inseminations or Standard Unwashed (ICI) for intra-cervical inseminations. This type of specimen could also be washed at the physician’s office/lab if needed.  Patients should confirm that their physician has the ability to wash specimens.  ART (IUI) specimen quality suitable for IVF/ICSI, ART (ICI)specimen quality suitable for IVF/ICSI procedure.
  3. Number of vials to be shipped
  4. The date specimens are to arrive at the physician's office.
  5. Credit card information will need to be provided with each order.  We do not keep credit card information on file for the client's protection.   We accept Visa, Master card, Discover and American Express.

All specimens are shipped in Liquid Nitrogen Shipping canisters. The canister will keep the specimens frozen for 7 days from the date of shipping. Orders should be placed so that specimens arrive at least one business day prior to the date they are going to be utilized.  If the physician’s lab has a liquid nitrogen storage tank they can be sent sooner depending on your physician's requirements. 

We do not hold a state license to ship donor specimens to California or New York.  They are two states that require a special license to ship donor specimens.

Please call to place an order or if you have any questions (248)397-8449.



Donor fee schedule

ICI Standard Unwashed Donor Specimens


Pre-Washed IUI Ready Donor Specimens 


ART- ICI Assisted Reproductive Technology IVF Quality Donor Specimens 


ART- IUI Assisted Reproductive Technology IVF Quality Donor Specimens 


Extended Profiles - Mailed/Emailed/Faxed

$20.00 ea.

Local Area Round Trip Shipping


2 day FedEx delivery Round Trip shipping and handling
(Fee is determined by zip code within the United States)


FedEx Standard Overnight - (Next business day shipping by 4:30 PM)

additional cost is based on zip code of destination

FedEx Priority Overnight - (Next business day shipping by noon)

additional cost is based on zip code of destination

Late order fee - (Orders placed on date of shipment)

additional $35.00

Order cancellation fee - (On date of shipment)


Specimens returned for storage for 1 month.  Additional storage fees will apply if specimens are not reshipped in 30 days from date of return.

Yearly storage fee for donor specimens 1 to 3 vials
yearly storage each additional vial